The award-winning interior architecture and interior design studio behind world class hotel makeovers and exclusive residences.

What we do

Interior Design Services

  • Hotel Wellness & Resort, Residential, Commercial

  • Interior Architecture, Design, Furnishing & Project Management, from end-to-end

    • Full Documentation – from concept through to construction ready

    • Spatial Planning -mapping your interior layout

    • Collaboration with 3rd parties (ie: architects/ drafts persons/ landscape designers)

    • All interior & furnishing selections & specifications

    • Quotations & Procurement for Furniture/ Art

    • Architectural and floor plan review

    • Site measure and assessment to generate as-built plans

  • What You Can Expect From Us

    • Quality Service. It’s a given.

    • Fun to work with. It should be.

    • To be in-sync with you. It’s our priority.

    • Capture your unspoken brief. It’s our superpower.

    • Unique, tailored designs. It’s criminal to let you look like everyone else.

    • To guide, educate and inform you along the way. It’s a partnership.

    • Access to the latest finishes, furnishings, technologies. It’s best practice.

    • To push your boundaries. It’s about showing you things that surprise you.

    • Nothing is an afterthought. It’s a considered process, from go to whoa.

  • What we expect from you

    • Be open to new ideas. We’ll show you so many more possibilities.

    • Share with us your genuine budget and how you’d like to use the space. We need to understand where we can play.

    • Tell us all the do’s, and especially the don’ts. We won’t waste time pushing boundaries that can’t be shifted.

    • Stick to your decisions and our process. We will ultimately save you time and money.

    • Share the amazing result. We’ll showcase your design through publications and social platforms together.