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Hamilton Island

Resort Living

A luxury waterfront home with breathtaking views


This property is going to be something absolutely extraordinary!

A luxury waterfront home with breathtaking views

In Design International was approached by a Queensland-based architectural practice to collaborate on every aspect of a cinema-set home on Hamilton Island, and to oversee the interior design, from space planning, through to furniture selections and decoration.

The brief was to create a relaxed and comfortable home, suitable for extended family visits, that maximised the views of the amazing location. Collaboration with the architects included everything from the design of the cantilevered pool through to the landscaping, thus allowing for the seamless flow from exterior to interior.

The result of a 3-year build and multi-million-dollar budget, this is a home that revels in its’ surroundings, taking in the various vantage points of the property. The home is welcoming and comfortable, while still robust enough to handle the rigours and practicalities of beachside family life.

Collaboration: Sprout Architects

Photography: Lucas Munro

Working with Penny and her team was a delight from start to finish. The project was a massive one of complexity and logistics on top of pleasing two very detail oriented spouses who lived 14,000 km away.

Nancy & Wayne