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Quest Dockland Apartment Hotel

Cosmetic Makeover

Located next door to Marvel Stadium, minutes from Southern Cross Station, this modern apartment hotel has received a complete overhaul refurbishment in the reception, foyer & lift lobby on the ground floor plus a breakout space on level four.



We were commissioned to completely overhaul the Quest Docklands’ reception, foyer & lift lobby on the ground floor plus a break-out space on level four.  What wonderful news!  However…. we were also advised the handover was due for an inaugural event being hosted by the hotel on the 25th of November!  Egads! Not only was it a tight deadline but it was the lead up to Christmas!  If ever there was a time to feel like we were running our own reality TV show, this was it!!  Move over “Block All-Stars”, the IDI team are on the job!

The upside to the pressure was the pleasure of working with such a professional hotel operations team. Our clients from Quest Docklands handled the mammoth task of decision making with great efficiency and were literally all hands-on deck to ensure progress reigned supreme!

The works consisted of a cosmetic makeover – floors, walls, ceilings, lighting, reception counter resurfacing, furniture decor and art! Spatial planning made a world of difference to the functionality and the feel of this foyer. Adding a circular rug to the tiled entrance and optional seating clusters allowed guests ‘checking in’ to have conversational space as well as a waiting area to read the newspapers or magazines provided by the hotel.  A new warm welcoming, yet highly professional atmosphere was developed.  Consideration of the expansive ceiling heights had previously been forgotten. By use of rusted sculptural forest trees in an artificial planter soaring 3.5m high, sensational flocked velvet wallpaper spanning full height to the second floor, metallic paint wrapping the mezzanine walls and suspending 3 large pendant lights, we generated a sophisticated drama!

Photography: Shoot Everything